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KAMBEL: We Anchor Vision & Mission.

Education and career development products are designed to establish innovative educational and human resource development system which focuses on affecting the heart and mind of our trainees. Our dream is to create innovative training models and institutions which help bring out the best in people. The KAMBEL educational concepts, curriculum and policies are implemented in Ghana, Nigeria and the whole of Africa.
Our personality development products are created to help people discover who they are and become their possible best. We believe “If you know who you are, you can be whatever possible, you want to be.” Thus, our personality training programs are tailored to help people discover their personality; potential, talent, interest and passion to achieve their career goals and aspirations in life.
Our company helps entrepreneurs; small and medium scale businesses to develop their business proposals, and create strategic plans for business development. We also help restructure businesses and rebrand them to make them visible and profitable. We franchise our business modules to interested people; and also acquire franchises of businesses which share in our vision and invest in them.
Our seminars are organized to discuss and orientate people on various subjects and to enhance knowledge in the areas of interest for people, business and national development. KAMBEL seminar products are for education, personal development, career, business, leadership, governance and developmental inclined. Participants pay for Certificates of Participation books or Course Materials.
Training and Business incubation courses include theory, practical work and internship. Our Training and Business incubation programs take between one to three months theory, practical and internship to complete. We create small and medium scale businesses and partner with industry, where our learners do their practical and internships. The courses are structured as modules with course materials. Certificates are awarded to participants who complete the modules applied for; and type of Corticate issued depends on entering certificates/qualification of a trainee. Some Courses are both Off and Online.
Knowledge promotion goes through impacting acquired knowledge, concepts and skills to the immediate and other generations. The concepts or theories we study today endure generations, because they were written and passed on to us. Thus, KAMBEL Publications is developed to publish books and other reading and learning materials. We also trade in the intellectual property and publish books for authors who want to identify with the KAMBEL concepts and the brand name. The brand applies progressive principles of life, knowledge and international intellectual property regulations in evaluating scripts for publication. Do you aspire to be a writer or do you write; we can assist you achieve your dream.
The vision of education, career, people and business development will not be complete without the provision of adequate teaching and learning materials and other facilities. Thus, our books and stationery shops are established to distribute our books and also import other books and stationeries for marketing in Ghana, Nigeria and the whole of Africa. We desire to locate some of our books and stationery shops on schools; second cycle and tertiary, both private and public institutions. If you have a school and you want us to partner with us to establish books and stationary shop on your institution, contact us; you will benefit from it greatly.
Kambel Print-Press services include designing and printing of letterheads, company logos, invitation cards, posters, handbills, billboards, banners, calendars and related services. Book Publications include editing, designing, printing and related services. Other services are color separation, film development, laminations, billboards, labelling, printing T- shirts, and related services. Designing, printing and press works are a big business with minimal lost; this is very huge avenue for employment and profitability. We are have local and international partners who also provide us products and services in Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of Africa.
KAMBEL is established to create job opportunities; create employable opportunities including commerce. Thus, the company’s marketing and distribution agency is created to distribute products to retailers and consumers. We provide computer and accessories to schools and colleges, business organizations and government agencies and sell mobile phones and accessories to customers. We are also partnering industry in Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of Africa to distribute their products throughout Africa. We put in place well structure and system for effective distribution channels and online shops to help industry achieve profitability.
KAMBEL Research and Data collection sector is developed to do research on education, career, people, business and national development; including social, leadership, economic, and international development. This department also research on how to promote business with adequate market information. They evaluate internal and external business environments to help us overcome business cycles which affect business development. We also do research for individuals and organizations for fee. Our business is based on knowledge promotion and we desire to promote knowledge on education, career, personal, business and national development through research and adequate data collection processes services in Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of Africa.
KAMBEL ICT Services are designed to give ICT services to our clients. This includes designing, networking and software designs, websites, coding and others. We are establishing E-learning and Video Conference Centers in all regions/state, and district/local government capitals in Ghana, Nigeria and venturing into other African countries within the next five to ten years. We are also look forward to partners; local and international organizations to achieve this dream in Ghana, Nigeria and the whole of Africa.
The prospects of our business clearly show that our chain of business ideas cannot be complete without consultancy services. As we create platforms to educate, train and develop careers, develop businesses and help people to discover and develop full potential, they need additional professional advice to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. We use the usual consultancy service systems and new concepts which are developed to make our services timely, economical and effective. We train our consultants to use the techniques to serve our clients. Our clientele includes individuals, public and private organizations.



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Meet Our Team members

Our team is made up of proficient members.

Moses A. Katamani

Kambel International Group. Author, Entrepreneur, Educator, Lagos, Nigeria.

(Founder and C.E.O)

Charlotte Donudenu

Life Coach, Psychologist & Financial Consultant, Toronto, Canada

(Partner, Education and Career Development)

Mr. Wisdom Kwame Agbozo

Project Management Consultant, Ghana

(Partner, Kambel Construction and Innovation)

Dr. Akpeko Agbevade

Lecturer and Management Resource Development Consultant, Ghana.

(Partner, Tertiary Education and Career Development)

Jonathan Kumah Gavi (PhD)

Social Psychologist, Ghana

(Strategic Adviser, Human Development)

Adigun Joseph Olusegun

ICT Expert, Lecturer & Website Designer; Nigeria

(Adviser, Technology for Development)


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